How much does it cost to create an internet website?

Obviously, a price of an internet website depends on a number of factors: type of a website, pages, design quality, specific functionalities, etc. It's the reason why a majority of web agencies demands sufficiently certain website project idea before estimations. When we plan to create a website for an enterprise that represents a simple showcase or a website for e-commerce, we can desire to obtain a budget estimation rapidly. When you know prices, even vaguely, you can easier decide either include particular functionalities into a specification or choose to focus on a certain provider type. This article should help you to get a better idea about factors and website development price orders.

A regular website cost
According to a website type appearance, a budget can vary from 1 up to 100. A work charge and then a price also for a website showcase of a little doze of pages obviously isn't comparable to web-forum creation where can be around 500 pages, member area, back-office and dozen of modules. Simply, you have two possibilities to develop an internet website, to use website creation tools like Wix or Jimdo, or entrust a project to a developer, or several freelancers, or an agency. According to a development solution type to create your website the project price can be pretty various.
The tab below presents price orders by a crossing of website type and solution. Obviously, these price rates just as an example, they keep being very gross in view of the diversity of web-developer needs.
Before a more final development cost analyse, I would like to make several remarks.

  • For the same brief, prices can vary from 1 up to 10. For an e-commerce website, a freelancer can propose you to install and configure Prestashop for 1000$, while an agency can demand 10000$. These price differences can seem amazing, but they are generally justified by project coordination, design quality or code source scalability. In many cases, these differences, however, are abusive and particular variety falls within a scam.

  • Regarding a solution type or developer you choose, you have to pass more or less time for a project. And your time is money! If you decide, for example, to entrust your website project to a developer from freelance you have to provide him a structure of a website, mockups, and a precise description of each functionality, without that you take the risk that a visible part of the website won't be the same to that you wish. Agencies will work with you on these various elements, in most cases, a client provides a global brief, and then he validates the tree structure and the models proposed by the agency.

  • Website maintenance could be server outsourcing, module updates or new functionalities adding can be expensive. Instead of a single website development cost definition, it's more preferable to estimate a project cost through a year, by breaking down the initial development cost and website maintenance/improvement during a year. It's more important to anticipate from the outset when a maintenance cost can vary a lot according to a chosen provider type. If you allow to create your website to a junior freelancer, for example, there are strong chances that the website won't evolve, you should find a person that will accept an existent code. It's a very frequent situation, and this one considerably imposes website maintenance code.

Project cost break down
To finally evaluate the project costs you have to take into account the numerous criteria: template or graphic chart, number of pages, specific functionalities, etc. A showcase of 5 pages with photos and contact form may be charged in 2000$ or 7000$, regarding client choices of graphic choices, modules (comments, social networks) or reference delivery.

These cost points are ignored often in website development budget
It has to be conscious that agencies integrate rarely all the costs into development estimation. By the estimation, I implicit what I've said. It's on a point that I would like to pay your attention to, in order to make you avoid these bad surprises. Yeah, there are hidden project development costs, especially if you look at this by a developer view your website will take a lot of time. Here're hidden costs that you have to take into account:

Budget overrun: In theory, you write your brief or specifications, and a developer sends you an estimation based on that, creates a website and delivers it to you. On practice, things don't go such a fluid way ever. The delivered website is often different from the expected version. There're numerous reasons. At first, new ideas can arise during a project, at different levels of design, functionality, content, that are things that generate further costs. It can also have misunderstandings with a service provider, occasionally and initial estimations. You can also have the will to push the website personalization further. It has to be conscious that all this result budget overrun often, sometimes being far negligible.

The better level SEO optimization: generally, the development estimations are integrated more seldom than SEO. However, as you know, to have a well-viewed website and functional isn't sufficiently, also it has to be visible on web network. If you would like to make a website that's optimized well for a natural reference at the final of improvement of its visibility for searching engines, you have to involve a freelance SEO specialist. When you want to do well, it takes around 3 days to define a list of relevant and personalized SEO recommendations and a few days for developers to implement these recommendations. It'll cost around 5000$.

Google Analytics/ Google Tag Manager installation: These Google tools are essential for website management and optimization. Yes, those tools are for free, but their implementation into your website requires competencies that have to be paid. If you delegate installation of the tools, it counts 2-3 days for a web marketing freelancer, and around 2000$.

Hosting/ outsourcing: If you are on shared hosting or on a VPS, this cost component won't concern you. In this case, it's your hosting that cares for free the server outsourcing that you use. On the other hand, if you go on a dedicated hosting, outsourcing can quickly become expensive: outsourcing counts approximately 200$ monthly, while dedicated hosting costs 50$ per month regularly.

Minimal maintenance
As I said before, you always have to anticipate maintenance costs, and I mean not only just the creation. The website maintenance includes many aspects. There are simply three maintenance types (in a broad sense): preventive, corrective and improvable. In a view of minimal maintenance, only two first things are to consider. The preventive maintenance consists of regularly checking that the website works well and correct while corrective maintenance aims to fix the problems and bugs that survive on the website. I would like to warn you that you will meet many problems on your website that no one knows how to escape. If we start with minimal maintenance, which includes updates of a library, plugins and other technologies that you use, plus the bug fixing. Count approximately the number of workdays per month, it's around 500$.

Changes over time
A website evolving constantly, to adapt itself for the developments on the web, but also to your new needs. You will have to make a lot of changes on your website (change hosting, themes, add functionality complexities), then some of them will be unavailable to be managed alone. This one corresponds to what I call all the time the improvable maintenance. For sure, all depends on a context and depth of a website, but you should anticipate monthly intervention for the changes over time is the rare and bad idea.
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