Top 10 programming languages
according to GitHub
In the past few years, GitHub reached 40 million developers and become used by them to participate in each other's projects. There, in one of the largest online projects, GitHub figures out, what are the most popular programming languages in the IT industry. Of course, we can not describe for you all the features of the programs but we will let you be more closed to decision to select one of the fellow languages.

Let's have a look at the top languages in use, according to GitHub:

10. Ruby

Ruby is a pure object-oriented programming language that was created in 1993 by Yukhiro Matsumoto in Japan. Currently, it becomes even more popular after several conferences and meetings related to the language.

9. C

This old language still has lots of users. But not for nothing. It's simple, fast, has a rich library and also many features that are not included in the article. By the way, developers of such as Java, PHP, and JavaScript were inspired by C.
8. Shell

Shell is a simplified language, closest to C. Shell scripting can be used to filter files by unique values using a one line command, without messing up the file's order. Also Shell code can be replaced to the Python. This language is the best choice when you need to access the system hardware directly.

7. TypeScript

Today it is reaching new heights of popularity. Some specialists consider TypeSript is future of JavaScript. TypeSript is becoming a critical option for large coding projects and you can also write object-oriented code very easily even if you have little knowledge.
6. C++

Almost the same with the C language but with much more advantages. Developers still use it as a core language in browsers, games, operating systems. It supports all the features offered with C and has a lot of important things that are independent from C, namely, object-oriented programming, operator-overloading, exception and error handling, the namespace feature etc.

5. C#

There is in C-sharp (the way it's pronounced) no preprocessor and larger library. Code doesn't require header files. All code is written inline. Language supports number of modem features, such as: automatic garbage collection and error handling features, modern debugging features, Robust Security Features.
4. PHP

Hypertext Preprocessor is a server site scripting language, used for web-development and creating interactive web pages. Widely used over the world, because of its speed compared to other scripting languages.
3. Java

Used by such companies as Twitter and Netflix. It's similar to C++ and C#. You can use it to develop games, websites, software. Java enable us to develop virus free, temper free system. Java is guaranteed to be write-once, run-anywhere language.
2. Python

Python is developer-friendly but high level programming language at the same time. It's mostly used for web development, Data Science – including machine learning, data analysis, and data visualization, scripting. This is one of the most popular and fastest growing ones. It went second place this year.
1. JavaScript

JS is one of the main languages used for building web pages. It makes websites interactive and has extended functionality to web pages. Also can be used for building games. It's easy to debug and test. JS has an independent platform that means it has almost nothing similar to Java except the part of name.

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